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We’ve built a marketing laboratory for communication managers.  Easily create Wire accounts for clients and help them manage their inbound marketing and communication strategies.  These Wire accounts contain a toolset that helps you streamline the acquisition process for your clients by having one environment to publish articles, drive interest from social media channels and capture new prospects.  Once you’ve captured those prospects, you can help your client nurture them through the built-in email marketing tools. You’ll collect data to prove whether your actions are working or not, so you can refine your methodology as you go. We’ve even built in white labeling and billing so you can earn recurring cash from your branded user network. Even better, our software gets better.  We are community driven software, which comes with continuous access to new features and apps driven by the needs of our platform users. 

RenMind’s Reseller Pilot Program
We are looking for energetic, creative and driven folks who’d be interested in launching a software and service based business.
What are we asking for?
We’d be asking you to put in 6-months of focused, part-time effort trying to start a scalable software + service business.  Here will be your mission as a RenMind Pilot:
1.) Learn to use RenMind Cable & Wire
2.) Design a fulfilling, scalable service business that leverages RenMind Cable & Wire
3.) Report bugs and suggest improvements in RenMind Cable & Wire
4.) Teach a monthly class to help future students get up to speed more quickly 
How are we going to help?
We’d like to provide you with all the tools, training and guidance you need along the way.  This goes way beyond software and into things like entity type, pricing, time tracking, payroll, accounting software and more.
1.) Software access, business training & business design
- Access to RenMind Cable & Wire with unlimited basic access for 6 months ($250/mo value)
- Set your own usage fees (subject to minimums) and keep 50% of those fees
- Suggest fixes and features to make the software even better
- Monthly Cable entrepreneur/solo-prenuer classes (2/month on Wednesday)
- Invitation to Workshop Wednesday (each Wednesday from 9am-6pm)
- Design suggestions for types of scalable businesses that might work on Cable
2.) On-boarding and software support
- 1 introduction / one-on-one on-boarding session
- Access to email ticket support
- Access to blueprint wire with helpful how-to’s and documentation
- Access to peer classes as they are produced
3.) $250/class teaching stipend
- 1 recorded monthly class at Cali Commons (reserved slot)
- 10-20 minute class length, pre-scheduled between 7:30-8:30 [ am or pm ] (M-F)
- 1st video should be an exploration, review and highlight of what is most exciting to you
- 2nd video should be a how-to / getting started video
- 3rd video should be a launching your brand video
- 4th-6th videos should feature actual experiments, usage and advanced concepts 

Program Suspended
This program was suspended before it officially launched due to some unforseen circumstances.  We decided to hold off until we could allocate the funds and attention required to properly launch a program of this size. 
518 N 40th St
Omaha, NE 68131
(402) 516-2899